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Steven Rudic’s Insulation Journey with RetroFoam of Pittsburgh

by | Jan 25, 2024

Steven Rudic’s journey with RetroFoam of Pittsburgh began with a familiar problem many homeowners face – inconsistent temperatures and energy inefficiency in an older home.

Built-in the ’60s, Steven’s house was a prime example of homes from that era struggling with subpar insulation, leading to cold winters, hot summers, and escalating energy costs.

Steven recalls, “During the winter, some parts of the house would be colder than usual. In summer, they’d become quite humid and very warm, especially in the afternoons. It was clear the house was under-insulated.”

Aware of the challenges posed by the brick exterior walls of his house, Steven understood that traditional insulation methods were not feasible without extensive and costly renovations. That’s when he discovered RetroFoam. “I extensively researched RetroFoam through all media – YouTube, online reviews, and your actual website. RetroFoam is essentially the only way a house like this could be adequately and properly insulated,” Steven explains.

What is RetroFoam Insulation?

RetroFoam insulation is a tripolymer-based resin that serves as an injection foam for existing walls.

This injection foam insulation creates an air seal in enclosed, exterior walls without the hassle of a full remodeling project. The installation can take place outside of the home, no matter what type of exterior the home has.

Why Steven Chose RetroFoam of Pittsburgh

Steven knew his walls needed updated insulation, and he was sold on the RetroFoam product, but his interactions with the RetroFoam of Pittsburgh team sold him on the business as well.

The experience with RetroFoam of Pittsburgh’s project manager, Scott McGregor, was a turning point for Steven. He appreciated the no-pressure approach and the thoughtful, truthful answers to his questions.

“He quoted me a price that was far below what I had expected to pay. I’m glad I followed my gut instinct,” Steven says with satisfaction.

The installation process was a testament to the RetroFoam team’s expertise and enthusiasm.

“Everybody was enthused, truly believed in their product and their work. You couldn’t ask for anything more,” Steven recalls.

Post-installation, the difference in Steven’s home was remarkable. The once erratic temperatures across his home stabilized, offering a consistent and comfortable environment year-round. The humidity issues of the summer were resolved, and the winters became notably warmer.

Transforming a ’60s Home: A Story of Comfort and Efficiency

Steven’s journey with RetroFoam of Pittsburgh is not just a story of a home transformation; it’s a testament to the power of innovative insulation solutions in bringing comfort and energy efficiency to older homes.

His experience echoes the sentiment of many homeowners who have discovered the benefits of RetroFoam insulation – a smart, cost-effective solution for a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.

If you’re interested in adding foam insulation to your home, fill out the form on our website to request a free estimate.

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